Saturday, September 19, 2009

Best Controller/Gamepad for PC - Xbox 360 Controller

With the release of Street Fighter IV for the PC, many people have been asking about recommended controllers/gamepads for the PC. In my opinion, the Xbox 360 Controller is the best controller/gamepad for the PC for two main reasons:

1. Built
It has a very tough built, like most console controllers. It is the same wired controller used for the Xbox 360, so you can play your games the way it is meant to be played on a console, with vibration feedback support included. If you are trying to recreate the feeling of a console on your PC, nothing beats using an actual console controller.

2. Compatibility
An advantage of being a Microsoft product is excellent compatibility with Windows, especially for 64-bit OS users. Many newer games recognise the device and automatically configure the buttons and vibration feedback. This is much better than using third party converters/drivers for PS2/Ps3 controllers that don't always work for the game you want to play or take a long time to configure with limited functionality.

The Xbox 360 Controller is available at Play-Asia here.

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