Saturday, September 19, 2009

Restaurant Empire 2 Mini-Guide

Having trouble with the game? I just finished this game a few days ago and have a few pointers to share on clearing the story campaign. Unfortunately, I did not take notes during my playthrough, so I am unable to provide specific help on the scenarios. Nevertheless, these pointers should be enough for you to clear the campaign.

The Goals
The game generally has 3 different types of goals: Profit, rating or contest goals. You are required to achieve all the main goals in a scenario in order to proceed with the story. Side goals are optional, so you can ignore them if you are having problems with the main goals. The 3 different types of goals and how to deal with them are explained further below.

Profit Goals
These can either be revenue or profit targets. Revenue targets are easier as you only need to focus on generating sales. You can do this by advertising or completing the 100% satisfaction targets. Profit targets are harder as you also need to manage your expenses as well. Expenses can generally be reduced by cutting on staff costs or maintenance costs. A good way to save on staff costs is to lower their salaries by a few points when the morale is high. The morale points regenerate every month and you can continue doing it until eventually the wage is at the minimum. Maintenance costs can be reduced by removing unused equipment and excess tables. This is quite important for larger restaurants; sometimes it is not practical to fully furnish two floors of a restaurant if only one floor is used most of the time.

Rating Goals
Food and satisfaction rating goals are most common in the game. Food ratings can be improved by sending your best chefs to the targeted restaurant and also by removing lowly rated dishes from the menu. If there is sufficient time, you can let your chefs improve on their own by letting them cook more. Adventure mode items that increase the skills of your chef can be useful too. For satisfaction ratings, you also need to look into the skills of your service staff and if necessary, train or hire better staff.
Other rating goals include enviroment and restaurant star ratings, which are self explanatory in the game. Focus on the aspects that you are lacking and you should be able to meet them. One thing I found out about the decoration rating is that every item counts only once, so you can't boost your decoration rating by spamming the same item.

Contest Goals
These goals require you to win various cooking competitions. Besides having skilled chefs, you'll also need to have highly rated recipes. You can obtain good recipes by research or purchasing them from customers. Preferably, you should have a few highly rated recipes of each cuisine. Focus on having one chef in each restaurant master those recipes first by assigning them to cook it. This way, you should be well prepared for any competition that comes along. Again, adventure mode items that increase the skills of your chef are useful here.

Other Tips
If you have been playing well, you shouldn't have problems meeting the goals quickly. However, sometimes you may want to drag the scenario longer to accumulate more cash which can make subsequent scenarios easier. Moreover, adventure mode events seem to only trigger on the first month of each scenario, so having more cash at the beginning of the scenario definitely helps. Adventure mode events, in particular the supplier contracts, are quite useful, so you may even want borrow from the bank ahead just to have enough cash to spend on adventure mode events.

I hope you have found this mini-guide useful. Bon appetit!

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