Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Chinese and English - Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Edition and Lightning Deluxe Pack are available now! Get the Limited Dual Shock Controller now!

Good news to all Chinese gamers, one of the greatests games in 2009/2010 - Final Fantasy XIII is translated into Chinese. Listen to the fabulous performance of the famous seiyuus such as Maaya Sakamoto and Daisuke Ono's, and see what they are saying through the Chinese/English in-game subtitles.

Not only are the packs for Chinese speaking gamers, the two different Lightning Editions come with quite a bit of goodies, the most special of these is the white Dual Shock controller printed with Lightning's logo.

The game is available in three versions. The regular edition, the limited Lightning Edition and the Lightning Edition Deluxe Pack.

To go with the pristine image color of of the game, the Lightning packages come with a pearly white controller and a beautifully illustrated card with a download code for the XMB premium avatar.

The Deluxe Pack has everything in the Lightning Edition plus an exclusive Final Fantasy XIII Selected Soundtrack. All the items are contained in a clean, classy looking box.

For those of you in love with the game and Lightning and want to grab everything in one go, here is the pack for you. The box is also shipped with an HDMI cable, so be sure to enjoy the game in HD graphics and be blown away.

Now have a look at the packages before you make up your mind:

Buy Final Fantasy XIII (English + Chinese language Version) - Lightning Edition (PS3™) at

Buy Final Fantasy XIII (English + Chinese language Version) - Lightning Edition (Deluxe Pack) (PS3™) at

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