Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saints Row IV Commander in Chief Edition - Asia Region STEAM users super-discount!

Saints Row IV will be riding the popularity wave of Saints Row the Third into nearly every gamer's house in the world - and the hype is definitely warranted! For Asia Region STEAM users, we have an incredibly special deal! Jump into the seat of power as you have become the President of the United States of America - where your gun-toting and foul-mouthed expertise will help you fight off... Aliens? What would the 'Saints' franchise be without an oversized helping of humor and debauchery?

Need a good slap in the face with violence, humor, and some alien scum? Saints Row IV, at a significantly reduced price. 

Buy Saints Row IV (Commander in Chief Edition) (Code Only) (Asia Version) for PC CD-ROM (PC) at

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